Enhanced Supportive Care

Health economic analysis into the potential benefits of an Enhanced Supportive Care programme.

Utilising health economic modelling alongside patient outcomes and staff satisfaction, can support commissioners to make evidence-based decisions about health care services.

Unity Insights are currently evaluating an Enhanced Supportive Care programme implemented at University Hospitals Sussex NHS Foundation Trust. The programme seeks to identify patients with cancer, who may benefit from supportive care, earlier in their pathway; providing them with access to enhanced care sooner. An Enhanced Supportive Care team has been established through funding of additional staff; facilitating earlier patient identification and provision of ongoing supportive care.

The service provided by Unity Insights to date has included the building of a bespoke dashboard, co-designed with the ESC team, illustrating the beneficial impact of the team and key metrics to track. Initial outcomes from health economic modelling have been provided within an interim report, exploring the following benefit streams:

  • Reduction in non-elective readmissions
  • Reduction in the average number of critical care days per patient
  • Reduction in the average length of stay of patients

Unity Insights will be providing an updated final report in due course, which will include an update on the health economic modelling and insights from qualitative analysis.





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